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Community Resources

Working with homeowners for the past eight years has made me deeply aware of their desire to beautify their homes. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of offering home improvement advice to my clients and sticking with them through the completion of their home improvement projects. Here are some exceptional home improvement resources for you to consider.
As a lifelong student and a former university lecturer I treasure my education. I truly believe that education is the difference between a life well lived and a bland existence.
Schools vary widely in the Bay Area, and if a good education is one of your priorities be sure to look closely at the schools our community offers. Below are resources that contain some of the information you’ll need to know about the Bay Area public schools.
The Bay Area has many great museums! Here is a helpful list of some of them.
The Bay Area art community is phenomenal! Here is a handful of interesting local art sources to check out.
Here is a helpful list of some of the local public libraries.
Here is a helpful list of some of the events and resources.
The East Bay is fabulous for recreation. Take some time to relax at one of our many gorgeous parks. Bike or hike through Redwood Park, ride the train at Tilden Park, or check out the sites below for even more ideas.