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Emeryville has always been the land where the railroad tracks are, and was home to gritty factories, slaughterhouses, and a racetrack, but with the advent of a more forward thinking and development- friendly culture in City Government, it began to lure important new enterprises along with their well-educated workforces to the area. It is now a thriving city with great panache.

Pharmaceutical industry leader Novartis , and movie powerhouse Pixar Studios have huge campuses in Emeryville. The city is also home to Ex’pressions College of Visual Arts, to Bayer Pharmaceutical, and to a host of other, lesser known but dynamic, scientific, tech, and cultural enterprises.

There are trendy restaurants cropping up on practically every block, and the revenues from all of the dynamic new businesses have made it possible for the City to fund a rich array of civic amenities including numerous parks, the “Greenway” bicycle and pedestrian boulevard, and a free city shuttle service, the “Emery-Go-Round” that runs often and connects the residential and shopping districts with BART.

Tons of newly constructed loft-style condo buildings and residential conversions of vintage industrial buildings started to proliferate in the early years of this millennium, and the business-friendly environment made possible the creation of the Bay Street Mall, a luxurious complex of retail, dining, entertainment, and residential uses in one place that has become a very popular central meeting place for all who live nearby.

All of these things have succeeded in attracting a young, hip community of people who either live and work in Emeryville, or commute to San Francisco or Silicon Valley. A great, convenient, and Urban Chic place to live!